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Switching over to RocketSpark

This will be interesting.

I have a confession. I love designing but for a long time I've not loved web designing. Just finding out the hosting details and trying to decipher information about servers and FTP logins had me terrified. Just when I thought I had something sorted out, the software I was accustomed to either upgraded beyond my comprehension or declared itself obsolete. 

I opted to outsource all web projects to other designers more comfortable with the technical side of things and have had brilliant help from them. I even needed help with my own website. Even something celebrated as 'easy' like WordPress still had me stumped over little things. I can, eventually, work stuff out behind the scenes with WordPress, but it doesn't come easy and I'm not fast. 
Enter RocketSpark. 
I was attending some talks about Google Analytics and advertising on Facebook etc. which had a speaker from RocketSpark explain - in very easy to understand terms - the basics. One could spend years studying all the ins and outs of this stuff, but it was a great eye opener for all of us attending. Of course things are also changing all the time as algorithms and situations evolve.
As a flyaway comment, there was mention of RocketSpark partners - people (like me) who had great experience with design, but who found coding laborious or terrifying… and so a seed was planted in my brain to have a look around and try my hand. 
I've managed to achieve something in 5 minutes (parallax!) that has eluded me for years! And it was so easy! It was also achieved with zero coding. I do have some experience and knowledge of HTML and its functions, so if I need to I can still delve into the back-end stuff, but rest assured, it seems I don't need to. 
When I have questions I can check on an entire library of Frequently Asked Questions or go direct and ask my question at the helpdesk. 
So, now I'm ready to switch over and commit my hosting to RocketSpark so that I can advise my own clients as to how I've managed to do it myself. So when I say, "Don't worry, if I can do it, you can do it" I really mean it. 


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