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QuiltElf Longarm Quilting

Eledhwen? Ellet? Elf-woman?

MaryAnn had a clear idea of her business name and that she wanted an elf in her logo. The first draft I sent had a male elf - my bad! We're very happy with this cute and friendly little elf…I don't know the correct term for lady elf.  

Papamoa Beach Bach View

The first view I woke up to in New Zealand in 1998

This is the view from the beach bach in Papamoa. Our family is so lucky to be able to spend time at a beachfront property like this and believe me when I say this view never gets boring.

Every visit, every day the light and the view is slightly different, but no less special. This was an illustration I made to put on cushion covers to keep at home as a reminder of the Papamoa Beach House, only an hour or so away.

Would you like one?

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Megan Lacey

Megan Lacey Communications

Megan wanted to have an illustration of herself in her logo. She had specific ideas about fonts as well.

Care was taken with skin tone, hair length and colour of clothes , but in the end she was really happy with the logo.

 It's a logo, not a portrait! 

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