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Bunny Business

Knitted bunnies

After a little holiday in Cape Town, I was asked to create a logo for Lizzy for her "Bunny Business" - beautiful knitted bunnies made with love… 

So… the logo got distilled from a drawing of the cute bunny to its essence: a heart and a kiss.

There are always moments when creating a logo when something just clicks and everything seems right… so stoked that I got a sign off on the first attempt.


"Hi Linda, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done - it looks amazing! You are a genius!I am so excited about my Bunny Business ! It looks so professional now."

Liz King

The Wholistic GP

Holistic treatment

Dr Greta's goal being a doctor is striving for and assisting people towards wellness rather than perpetuating illness. Their mission is to ENGAGE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE the people of the Western District, Australia, to THRIVE by delivering conventional and integrative health care with lifestyle medicine.

The logo needed to reflect the holistic way Dr Greta treats her patients, including 9 individual icons that relate to the areas of treatment.

Slaughter Fishing Charters

The Slaughter family

Zak and Lisa Slaughter knew they wanted a gnarly, gritty kind of logo - almost like a tattoo - for their fishing charter business. They liked army colours and a SWAT team kind of look. 



"Awesome Design!!! Great service and pricing! Highly recommended. 5 Stars

Zak Slaughter 
Slaughter Fishing Charters

Stationery Shop


This stationery shop needed a logo design, product and packaging design, advertising and everything else! 

We developed a library of original doodle drawings to dip into to create diaries, bookmarks, pencil cases, shopfront signs, brochures, notebooks etc and a website.

Portfolio collection



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