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Asbestos Removal and Ceiling Restoration Specialists

A great example of a company evolving and growing to its full potential by rebranding  all elements.

I was referred to Jarrod from AR Plus by another designer (the best kind of compliment - right?) to assist with a new look, new name for his business "Ceiling Restorations" which needed to include the Asbestos Removal side of his business too. He liked his current colours (red and green) but wanted to get rid of the cartoon man plastering in the old logo. 

I outlined the design process, the cost and what I would be providing and the rebranding  process began! 

I submitted a few designs and we had a few attempts at different names with a discussion on semantics and ended up with "Asbestos Removal + Ceiling Restoration Specialists" - quite a long and complicated business name, so extra care needed to be taken to keep things cohesive and easy to identify and read. 

The underlying common element throughout all the logo options was the triangle - the little red warning-asbestos! triangle isolated within a green good-and-safe triangle representing the roof space Jarrod and his team spend a lot of time with. Red was used throughout to illustrate the asbestos part of the business - within the text block or the text itself.

Ceiling Restorations

The business took off and things were great…A couple of GIB-stoppers/plasterers were employed to assist with plastering and the decision was made to promote their services under the business name of Ceiling Restorations Ltd but to keep the logo similar to the existing Asbestos Removal logo. 

For this section of the business where the red was less important, the black and green was used in a similar way to keep the 2 logos related and part of the same family. 

And finally: AR PLUS

The umbrella company

AR PLUS is the culmination of a lot of work to get a logo to be in it's simplest form. 

It's been a fantastic project to be part of.

Osbornes Funeral Directors

Osbornes is a well known family run Funeral Directing business that has been helping the Rotorua community for 30+ years. The old logo and look was a little dated and tired - the perfect case for rebranding.

The first task was to get the logo right - just the right amount of dignity and empathy while retaining a look of openness and professionalism. 

The tagline: "Quality · Sincerity · Trust" served well to reinforce their caring persona. 

Branding and Printing

We systematically replaced the old logo with the new one, from doormats to business cards, all signs, even invoice books. In some cases we used the logo in reverse eg. the sign outside.

Printed elements

  • Pens
  • Mousepads
  • Doormats
  • Signage
  • Folders
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Advertising
  • Notepads
  • Name badges
  • Calendars
  • Wall canvas
  • Booklets
  • Personal cards

Award winning

While the new look wasn't necessarily the reason for a swathe of awards, I'd like to think it helped! 

  • Westpac 2016 Service Provider Business Award
  • Westpac 2016 Emerging Young Leader of the Year Award - Richard Fullard
  • Westpac 2016 Customer Service Award
  • Westpac 2020 Essential Business of the Year Finalist

Even the rebrand needs tweaking

The new look

To clarify further what Osbornes is about, the words "Funeral Directors" was added and the tagline "Quality, Trust, Sincerity" maintained as a tagline where necessary, but not as part of the logo. 

A bright pink and white flower was added to advertising and business cards, calendars etc as a branding element - something to distinguish Osbornes from other funeral homes, adding a little splash of optimistic colour.

Death Café

Yes, Osbornes was brave enough to pave the way in Rotorua and hold a 'Death Café" where the public was invited to share a coffee and a snack and talk about death and dying and the process involved for he Funeral Directors. 

This event was really well received and an after hours 'Café" held with wine and nibbles. 

Daylesford Country Cottages

Rebranding a very tired logo

The owners of Daylesford Cottages wanted to update their website and refresh their look. They provide cosy, self-catering, pet-friendly holiday cottages in the Daylesford/Hepburn Springs area in the beautiful Central Highlands of Victoria, the "spa capital" of Australia.

The challenge was to get their logo to reflect all of that.

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