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Architecture Page Henderson

Getting the website updated

Architecture Page Henderson hadn't paid much attention to their website for several years. The site was in no way a good example of their aesthetic or capabilities, so it was important to feature their amazing, award-winning works and do them justice.

The site is easy to edit and is completely responsive across all devices. 

Need a new website?

If you'd love to have your own website to reflect your new business, I'd be able to design one for you and let you see how it works online with a preview site. When you are ready to launch it to the world, you will need to let RocketSpark host the site - this is a huge bonus for you - not only are they very reasonably priced, but they host thousands of sites have a great support team, are New Zealand based and have hundreds of step-by-step help guides.

The hardest part

The biggest challenge for the website is getting your content right. You need to have thought about what information needs to appear on your site and have the finished copy (the words) ready for me. I can only help a little bit in this regard, but I can refer you to a content- or copywriter if you need one.

Search Engine Optimisation? Yes!

Needing a website refresh?

So your existing website is a bit tired and not reflecting your business well? Perhaps there is no cohesion between your printed items and your web presence? After a redesign, switching to Rocketspark is easy.


If I can do it and make the switch (I'm not a techie), then you can do it. Trust me.

Website Design

Rocketspark Design Partner

Web design used to involve lots of coding  - the impact a missing semi colon could make could break everything (for me anyway). 

These days when designing websites, careful consideration is needed to make sure that your website is stable and is responsive across a huge range of devices and screen sizes. 

As a RocketSpark Design Partner, I'm able to concentrate on the part I love: the design

All the hosting, the coding, the nitty-gritty stuff is done by the wonderful team at RocketSpark.

How much will it cost?

Check out the pricing on the RocketSpark website - but to summarise, depending on your website, about $500+GST per year for RocketSpark to host your site. Depending on your requirements, my fees would range from $1500+GST - $3000+GST. 

The benefits

  • Your website is designed by a professional.
  • It will work beautifully across all devices. 
  • Once live, you are able to edit your content - you won't need me so much!
  • Page Design and RocketSpark are here to help, step by step . 
  • High quality, fully managed website hosting and backups.
  • Extensive web security and technical updates
  • Automatic updates to the latest RocketSpark features.
  • On-demand help and access to hundreds of help guides

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