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Hi, I'm Linda Page, at Page Design Ltd and my passion is logo design.
I strive to provide stunning graphic design that is timeless and aesthetic.

Logo Design

Get it right the first time

I love the challenge of logo design - each client/business is different and needs their logo to reflect their unique place in the market. 

A logo should be able to be read at the size of a stamp and also be able to be enlarged as big as the moon without losing any quality. Using the latest, up-to-date design software (Creative Suite), I supply all manner of logo filetypes to be used for printing, as well as clear and crisp web files to use on your desktop or within your own internal presentations.

I have worked on a range of logo design jobs from across all industries - medical, spiritual, design, building, arts and crafts, fashion, food and beverage, photography etc. 

My challenge is to not have a specific 'style'  -  I aim to be so good at my job you can't tell it's a logo designed by me! It just has to be perfect for the client, whether they're a nail technician or a mechanic. 

The Brief

Some clients have a very clear idea of what they want whereas others may not even know what they're going to call their business!  Let's chat (face-to-face, text, WhatsApp, email, messenger) so I can get a feel for what you're trying to achieve. 

Feedback is vital

After you're sent the first round of design options, I rely on your feedback to see which direction to pursue next (making sure I put my ego aside). Often by telling me what you don't like gives me clues as to what you do like, so there's no offence taken if it's not the perfect design on the first go! (Although that is my challenge to myself - to get it right, first time.) It usually doesn't take long to tweak the designs until you are super excited about your new logo and the new direction your business is going to take. 

Here's a collection of some of my logo designs.


Let's talk

I want to make your life easier - let you get on with doing what you do best, while I work on getting the look and feel perfect for you. Whether it's logo design, branding, printing or a website, let's start the ball rolling with a discussion.


It's more than just a logo

Branding goes beyond the logo. Your brand has a certain voice - certain fonts would be unsuitable, certain colours more apt. A lot of care needs to be taken to make sure that your business maintains its market presence with a consistent look so as to maximise customer trust and recognition of quality. 

Quality Products

Quality products to match your quality brand - Page Design offers branding to all your business elements as well as printing to suit. I use a wide variety of suppliers from all over New Zealand and abroad to find the best product for each particular job, always bearing quality in mind. 

Printed elements

From business cards, pens, pencils, folders, brochures to coffee cups, mousepads and any other business gifts or promotional items, let me help.

Your brand needs to have a cohesive and considered appearance  - are you ready to stand out? 


"Linda has been absolutely amazing helping my partner and I plan his logo, business cards and sign designs for his business. We had been to a couple of people before Page Design and they were not as helpful and thorough as Linda has been. We've been back and forth countless times and she's always come up with exactly what we were after. We will definitely be going back for any more of our design needs!"

Halle and William
William Curnow Building

Need to talk about your design project?

Let's do this! What are you thinking about? Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch.

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Message Sent


Where to start?

The easiest thing to start with is your business card. All of your contact details in one place, with your logo crisply displayed on a thick, quality card. 

There are always options and degrees of luxury, but I recommend a thick card (no less than 350gsm). A matt or gloss laminate ensures that your cards don't get scuffed and worn looking, even if you haven't taken them out of your wallet since you got them printed. To add extra 'zing' there is also the UV Varnish option - to highlight certain areas of your design - shiny UV over matt laminate, very classy! 

Your business may resonate with a more traditional feel - perhaps an emboss or a foil or letterpress? I'd be happy to arrange that too. 

Get in touch for your printing needs


Traditionally businesses have had letterheads and compliment slips printed, but these days more companies are preparing their own in-house Word documents and printing them straight off internally. I don't work with Word or Powerpoint but am always happy to design and supply files to insert as your header and footer.


Brochures, leaflets, rack cards, folders, envelopes, pens, flags, stickers, pull-up banners, mousepads - whatever you think you might need, I'm pretty sure I can help.

Quantity and Price

You'll find the more units you print, the cheaper they are per unit. Unfortunately a small run doesn't always mean more money saved. For example, there is only a $10 (before GST) difference in printing 250 business cards and printing 500! 

Ask me for a quote - what is it, what size, how many do you need, by when? 

Website Design

Rocketspark Design Partner

As a RocketSpark Design Partner, I'm able to concentrate on the part I love: the design. 
All the hosting, the coding, the nitty-gritty stuff is done by the wonderful team at RocketSpark.

Web design used to involve lots of coding  - the impact a missing semi colon could make could break everything (for me anyway). 

These days when designing websites, careful consideration is needed to make sure that your website is stable and is responsive across a huge range of devices and screen sizes. 

How much will it cost?

Check out the pricing on the RocketSpark website - but to summarise, depending on your website, about $400+GST per year for RocketSpark to host your site. Depending on your requirements, my fees would range from $1500+GST - $3000+GST. 

The benefits

  • Your website is designed by a professional.
  • It will work beautifully across all devices. 
  • Once live, you are able to edit your content - you won't need me so much!
  • Page Design and RocketSpark are here to help, step by step . 
  • High quality, fully managed website hosting and backups.
  • Extensive web security and technical updates
  • Automatic updates to the latest RocketSpark features.
  • On-demand help and access to hundreds of help guides

Need a new website?

If you'd love to have your own website to reflect your new business, I'd be able to design one for you and let you see how it works online with a preview site. When you are ready to launch it to the world, you will need to let RocketSpark host the site - this is a huge bonus for you - not only are they very reasonably priced, but they host thousands of sites have a great support team, are New Zealand based and have hundreds of step-by-step help guides.

The hardest part

The biggest challenge for the website is getting your content right. You need to have thought about what information needs to appear on your site and have the finished copy (the words) ready for me. I can only help a little bit in this regard, but I can refer you to a content- or copywriter if you need one.

Search Engine Optimisation? Yes!

Needing a website refresh?

So your existing website is a bit tired and not reflecting your business well? Perhaps there is no cohesion between your printed items and your web presence? After a redesign, switching to Rocketspark is easy.


If I can do it and make the switch (I'm not a techie), then you can do it. Trust me.


"I have approached Linda twice now to design both an advertisement and logo for the rebranding of my business. Linda is so very talented and has a wealth of knowledge and ideas, she made the whole process so easy (and put up with all my diva demands), she listened to what I wanted and then recommended what would look best, she produced my logo in record time and I am ecstatic with the result, Linda you are amazing, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my logo!!!!! 5 stars are not enough! Thank you."

Ceitha Andrews
Final Touch Make Up Artistry


Hi, I'm Linda Page. I'm a graphic designer with over 30 years (gulp!) of experience in the creative field. I've worked in the advertising and printing industries in South Africa, England and now Rotorua, NZ

About me

I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa. I was given a solid grounding on aesthetics from a very early age and after attending art school and working in advertising agencies, I decided to go traveling in 1996 (for a year or so…) I ended up travelling the world extensively (and mostly on a shoestring) and finally ended up in Rotorua, New Zealand, where I formed Page Design Ltd in 2006. 

My Interests

Besides design and art, my interests include playing volleyball (and coaching young players), playing netball (and coaching both adults and kids), stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, snowboarding and travel.

I love designing logos. I find it the most stimulating of challenges.


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