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Graphic Design Studio, Rotorua

Linda at Page Design is a specialist logo designer who helps small business owners with professionally designed, cohesive brands.
From logos to websites and everything in between, Linda pays attention to detail and is passionate about good aesthetics.

Gen X Graphic Designer since before the internet.

I craft…

Logos that make an impact; an instant visual introduction of your business.

I create…

Brand identity that discerns who you are, what you stand for and your values.

I build…

Beautiful, simple websites bringing all your visual identity elements together.

Kia ora, hello!

I'm Linda Page: Graphic Designer/Creative Director at Page Design, Rotorua.

I specialise in logo design and branding, but having worked in advertising agencies and print shops in South Africa (where I'm originally from) and England, I have a lot of experience to draw upon for any graphic design needs, from packaging to advertising to web design. 

I'm passionate about great design (and spelling) and I'm always happy to explain my rationale behind any of my design choices, based on my many years of experience in the industry.

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Client  Testimonials

Logo file types

I often get asked what file types I supply when designing a logo. Rather than get into technical speak I explain that I provide two types of files - vector(print) or raster (web use/internalRead more


I love helping new companies set up, get their branding under control, making sure their online presence looks pristine and seeing them step confidently forth into the business world being proud ofRead more

Branding - what are you without it?

I was heading into town with my family to collect something, when I noticed something different in the environment. For some reason I was noticing a building facade in the distance. "Was that wallRead more

Branding for AllRecruits

It's all about Recruiting - both for the individual candidates searching for a job and the corporates looking to fill a position. It's new to New Zealand and the team at AllRecruits wants to show theRead more

Secure websites

"The connection to www.xyz.com is not secure" Have you ever changed your mind when you saw this warning while browsing the internet? Did it make you consider whether you really wanted to continueRead more

Why .eps?

When your logo files get sent to you, you will find several types of files, some of which you probably can't open - don't move them to the trash! These are most likely your vector file versions.  IRead more

A Rebranding Journey

I attended a workshop over many weeks (Digital Boost) along with several other business owners trying to learn more about how best to represent one's business online. We learned many useful thingsRead more

Do we need to meet up?

It is helpful to meet up and gauge whether you're a good fit for each other, but it's not always completely necessary. Having worked through the Covid years of Zoom meetings, helped show me thatRead more

Web presence

It's critical to have an online presence. If you think about your own behaviour when deciding to use a business for their service - don't you check their website? Or at least their social pages? HaviRead more

Full branding

When approached by Doug with regard to designing packaging for a premium product, I had to convince him to begin by giving his product an identity, starting with a logo. We had many discussions arouRead more

Why does my company need a website?

A website is an essential tool for any small business. It allows customers to learn more about your company, its products and services, contact information, and business hours. It may also provide aRead more

Positive reviews

Getting a positive review is such a great reward for a graphic designer. I know many of us (maybe all of us) suffer from self-doubt at times, especially designers like me that work for themselves. WeRead more

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