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Passion for logo design

I love logo design - figuring out what personality your business has and what fonts, colours and imagery are needed to reflect that. The end result may look very simple but there is so much that has been considered before I've even sent you a design. 

What is required of a great logo?

Your logo needs to be simple - easy to recognise and read or understand. It's the very first thing people associate with your business, so you really need to get it right - a logo design you love.

Your logo should be memorable - people will recognise it and think of your business and all it represents. 

It should be timeless. I don't think a company should be reworking their logo every few years. If you want longevity and gravitas in the market, get it right. Get the voice right, get the feel right - invest in your logo from the start. 

These days logos need to be a little more versatile than in the past. How will it look on a dark background? How will it look on a coloured background? Do you need a landscape and portrait version of it? Perhaps you need just the words of the logo in some instances and just the icon in others? I consider all the possibilities before I send you ideas for your logo.

Your logo should always be appropriate for the kind of business you run. If you're using a playful font because it's your favourite, consider whether the words you're writing have a serious tone or not. I wouldn't trust a Doctor who had a logo that looked like it could be a Play Centre. (Yes, my friends know not to send me emails in Comic Sans…)

Did I mention I love logo design? 

What do you need to consider?

  • You need to consider your business name. Is it relevant? 
  • Have you registered your company name? Is it available? 
  • Have you checked whether a web domain name is available that matches your business name? 
  • Do you have an idea of style you like? Perhaps start a Pinterest board to share with me -  styles you like.
  • What about colours? Do you have palette in mind? 
  • Who is your competition? 
  • What is unique about your business?

I can work with surprisingly little

Don't fret

Sometimes it's just too hard and you really don't know what you want, right? 

I have clients who keep coming back to me because 'I get them' and I can work with a scribble or a hand gesture. It's not always ideal, but we always end  up with something that my client and I love. 

So don't worry, do what you can, share what you can and let me surprise you with a logo you're stoked with.

I have a logo, now what?

What usually happens during the design process is that a sense of branding begins to evolve. Ideas for how to treat the logo across the board (from print to web) with other design elements starts to take shape - this is the next step in the process: Branding: the next level of getting your business to have a cohesive across-the-board 'look' so you become recognisable within the marketplace. Consistent colour choices, font choices, size, placement all play a role in carving your niche into the market. It's very exciting!

Some examples of logos

I have a vast logo portfolio collection on Pinterest  - perhaps there's something there, you like? I encourage you to follow me on Instagram too.

Ready for a new logo?

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"Linda has been our preferred choice of designer for a number of years now. She has been the creative engine room behind our business branding, campaigns, and pretty much every aspect that necessitated her incredible talent and input. I have, and will continue to, recommend Linda's services to industry friends and those seeking an exceptional designer. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and Page Design Ltd to anyone reading this too =)"

Peter Duncan
Managing Director, The Love Company


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