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Website design

Do you need a new website?

Be found online.

Savvy business owners know a great website design not only promotes their products and services; it establishes creditability and strengthens their brand

Websites on all devices

From large screens to tablets to phones, your website design needs to function smoothly. I can help with that, keeping things consistent and easy for your customers..

Make your website work for you.

Get a basic brochure site up so you can be found online. A crisp, clean, professionally designed brochure site boosts your credibility and shows your audience you’re professional and legitimate.

Or perhaps you need to create an ecommerce site? 

Different needs require different solutions.

Website content

The biggest challenge for the website is getting your content right. 

It is recommended you get all text content written by a professional, along with professional photography and/or videography, which will make for the best end result for your website design.

Once I have all the information for your website there will be a clear idea of what pages are needed and how to create the best website design solution for you.

Customer Management Services

I will set it all up for you, handing you “the keys” to edit your website design, and manage it yourself once the site goes live (but of course I’m always happy to make relevant changes for you if you prefer).


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Linda. She is incredibly professional, extremely knowledgeable and completely passionate about her art! Can highly recommend her services 10/10!"

Caroline Back 
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I build websites…

Logo, branding, print and web design

We can achieve all your graphic design needs.

World Cup Rugby 2023

When you have rugby fanatic friends who are obsessed with their national rugby team: South Africa's "Springboks"… When they get together from all over the world every 4 years to attend theirRead more

Printing and GSM

GSM: grams per square meter (of paper/card). In my opinion, when it comes to business cards, more is more. The higher the gsm, the heavier (denser) the paper is, the more quality it exudes.  IfRead more

Website costs explained

It can be such an overwhelming phase of your life trying to launch your new business, getting your branding on track and getting a website built. There just seem to be so many added costs involved ovRead more

Logo design questionnaire

This is a great exercise to figure out what you're looking to achieve with your new business venture and how you want to be perceived by your ideal client.  It will make you think about yourRead more

What's a vector file?

Things that are created using software that is vector based use mathematical formulas on a grid system... perfect for things like logos. Logos always need to represent perfectly no matter where theyRead more

Too many cooks…

It can be tempting to divvy up every part of your business to different outfits, but you have to ask yourself if by doing that, you could potentially be watering down your brand? Every new person,Read more

Considerations for a logo design

One of the very first steps many business owners take when launching their new venture, is engaging a graphic designer to create a logo for their new business.  Some clients have a clear idea ofRead more

What logo files are supplied?

I supply all manner of logo filetypes to be used for printing, as well as clear and crisp web files to use on your desktop or within your own internal presentations. Print files  Files thatRead more

Branding - huh?

Here is an example of the different treatment of three companies by the same designer (Linda from Page Design).  All three have a fish in their logo. All three mention 'fish'Read more

A brave client

Man Maintenance at Bay Urology I was briefed about the erectile dysfunction clinic at Bay Urology (Tauranga, NZ) and spent some time thinking about how to convey this one. The name of the clinic tooRead more

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