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Linda Page, Graphic Designer

Passionate, creative, straight-talking graphic designer with 30 years of design experience creating aesthetic solutions. Linda Page helps new business owners launch their new venture with confidence and pride.

"I craft logos, create brands, build websites and deliver design."

Also: volleyball coach and player, netball coach and player, mountain biker, traveller at heart.

Also: couch potato.

Hi, I'm Linda Page: Graphic Designer/Creative Director at Page Design, Rotorua.

  • I'm not a fan of being in front of a camera, but I do enjoy taking photos.
  • I'm quite passionate about design - especially logo designs, and I can always explain why I've made a choice... 
  • Coming from South Africa, a lot of people find me very direct (blunt). It's a work in progress to be less abrasive, while still getting my point across! Ha ha! 
  • I volunteer as a coach for netball and volleyball and still enjoy playing myself. 
  • I enjoy mountain biking around Rotorua, good coffee and beach holidays. 
  • I draw on my 10+ years of travelling around the world quite often for inspiration.
  • I wish I could travel more.

Page Design on Instagram @pagedesignltd


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