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It's more than just a logo

Branding goes beyond the logo. Your brand has a certain voice - certain fonts would be unsuitable, certain colours more apt. A lot of care needs to be taken to make sure that your business maintains its market presence with a consistent look so as to maximise customer trust and recognition of quality. 

Next level design

It's getting your business to have a cohesive across-the-board 'look' so you become recognisable within the marketplace. Consistent colour choices, font choices, size, placement all play a role in carving your niche into the market. It's very exciting!

Quality Products

Quality products to match your quality brand - Page Design offers branding to all your business elements as well as printing to suit. I use a wide variety of suppliers from all over New Zealand and abroad to find the best product for each particular job, always bearing quality in mind. 

Printed elements

From business cards, pens, pencils, folders, brochures to coffee cups, mousepads and any other business gifts or promotional items, let me help.

Your brand needs to have a cohesive and considered appearance

Are you ready to stand out?

Branding goes beyond the first impression of the logo, it builds the entire picture of the business.

"My friend offered to do it…"

Of course anyone can design anything - everyone has a friend or a relative who offers their input at a massive discount or even for free. Usually start-up businesses manage for a while on the bare minimum (maybe just a logo design?) but ultimately a professionally designed, cohesive brand stands above all others. 

Need to talk about branding?

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