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Branding Solutions

Branding is more than just a logo

What personality does your business have? What fonts, colours and imagery reflect that?

While a great logo is the heartbeat of your brand kit, branding goes beyond the first impression of the logo and builds the entire personality of the business.

Your brand has a certain voice - certain fonts would be unsuitable, certain colours more apt. 

Care needs to be taken to make sure your business branding maintains its market presence with a consistent look to maximise customer trust and recognition of quality.

Next level design

A cohesive across-the-board 'look' for your business branding will help you become recognisable within the marketplace. Consistent colour choices, font choice, size, and placement all play a role in carving your niche into the market.


"I contacted Page Design about design work including new corporate I.D., logo, and collateral for a company I was re-establishing. I met with Linda and we discussed my branding needs, requirements, and my ideas. Linda quickly understood my vision, figuring out my personality, my business' personality and dynamic ... all within a very short time. She produced something I couldn't even have imagined, and soon after our initial consult she had the drafts ready. I changed nothing! I loved everything, and we went to print shortly after. 

I would highly recommend Page Design to anyone looking for an outstanding graphic designer who is extremely technically competent but who also truly listens (not just to what is said but also to what isn't said), understands design and branding and what it can achieve, and works with the client to reach the best outcomes."

Maria Low

I create brands…

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