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Linda Page

Linda Page, Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Linda Page: Graphic Designer/Creative Director at Page Design, Rotorua.

  • I'm not a fan of being in front of a camera, but I do enjoy taking photos.
  • I'm quite passionate about design - especially logo designs, and I can always explain why I've made a choice... 
  • Coming from South Africa, a lot of people find me very direct (blunt). It's a work in progress to be less abrasive, while still getting my point across! Ha ha! 
  • I volunteer as a coach for netball and volleyball and still enjoy playing myself. 
  • I enjoy mountain biking around Rotorua, good coffee and beach holidays. 
  • I draw on my 10+ years of travelling around the world quite often for inspiration.
  • I wish I could travel more.

Linda Page, Graphic Designer

Also: volleyball coach and player, netball coach and player, mountain biker, traveller at heart.


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