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Considerations for a logo design

Starting the logo design process

One of the very first steps many business owners take when launching their new venture, is engaging a graphic designer to create a logo for their new business. 

Some clients have a clear idea of what they want whereas others may not even know what they're going to call their business! 

Some things to consider …  

  • Have you thought about your business name? Is it relevant? 
  • Have you registered your company name? Is it available? 
  • Have you checked whether a web domain name is available that matches your business name? 
  • Do you have an idea of a style you like? Perhaps start a Pinterest board to share with your designer - styles you like.
  • What about colours? Do you have a palette in mind? 
  • Who is your competition? 
  • What is unique about your business?

Overwhelming? Don't fret.

I have clients who keep coming back to me because 'I get them' and I can work with a scribble or a hand gesture. 

I often work with clients who genuinely don’t know what they want in a logo, but after talking with them for a short while about their business and what matters to them, I start to get a picture in my mind of how to visually represent them.

The best place to start is a chat (face-to-face, text, WhatsApp, email, messenger) so I can get a feel for what you're trying to achieve. 

I have a logo, now what?
Usually during the design process a sense of branding begins to evolve: ideas for how to treat the logo across the board (from print to web) with other design elements start to take shape.

After you're sent the first round of design options it usually doesn't take long to tweak the designs until you are super excited about your new logo and the new direction your business is going to take. 

Once we’re at the end of the development process and you’re happy with your new logo, you’ll be ready to start using it on your platforms and in your collateral. 


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