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Branding - huh?

Three fishy tales

Here is an example of the different treatment of three companies by the same designer (Linda from Page Design).  All three have a fish in their logo. All three mention 'fish' (fishing/fisherman).Each company clearly has a different voice, a different personality to portray. 

Someone wanting a tranquil afternoon with friends will possibly not look at Slaughter Fishing to find out what they're about. Slaughter Fishing Charters evokes energy and a passion for a challenging hunt, whereas Fisherman's Wharf Cafē exudes peace and companionship. 

Want to impress friends with some superb catering? Little Fish is the local guy in a big sea of competition - you'll be sure to receive personal service and delicious food.

How can I tell all of this? Not only because of the names of these businesses, but also because of the fonts their names appear in (they have a definite voice in my head!). The brand colours denote a vibe and resonate meaning to me. 

Branding is the personality your business has. The personality it portrays to the public.


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