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Too many cooks…

Let me at it!

It can be tempting to divvy up every part of your business to different outfits, but you have to ask yourself if by doing that, you could potentially be watering down your brand? Every new person, every new business, has their own take on your brand guidelines (if you even have any!) so their vision is guaranteed to be slightly (or completely) different to your original brand designer. 

As a designer, I love creating business brands from a blank slate. Each client and their business becomes ingrained in my psyche and I feel pride (and joy!) when I see them out in the marketplace holding their own. 

I have to say, it is actually heartbreaking to see companies disregard their brand guidelines (however minimal) and see things used badly or made with no care or just no idea of what could have potentially been amazing. I see the potential, I long to show you how to use your company logo and get your branding correct. 

I am thrilled to be able to work on the logo, the branding, the packaging, the collateral and then the website, to bring it all together in a seemingly seamless way. 

It's how it should be. 


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