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World Cup Rugby 2023

Baldy Boks ı Crest

When you have rugby fanatic friends who are obsessed with their national rugby team: South Africa's "Springboks"… When they get together from all over the world every 4 years to attend their team's World Cup games... When humour is the name of the game: meet the Baldy Boks.

We go back to our high school days and have kept in contact over the years, but when it came time to make their 'club' (?) more of an official thing, I was delighted to create the logo/crest/emblem for my friends.

"In the autumn of 2003, a group of brave and balding pioneers embarked on a pilgrimage to support their beloved rugby team at the world cup. That initial journey to Sydney would form the origin of the Baldy Boks rugby club. Although the club name wouldn’t emerge until 19 years later, the reunion tradition was upheld for all subsequent world cups, including France (2007), New Zealand (2011), England (2015), and Japan (2019).

The pilgrimages have not come without cost. Great hardship has been endured and countless obstacles overcome. But the brave balding Bok supporters have persevered. From unsuspectingly drinking non-alcoholic beers in Paris, to the emotional turmoil caused by highly dodgy refereeing in Auckland, courage has triumphed over adversity. Resilience has stood tall above failure. Very few could have shown the determination and fortitude to discover the tiny tapas bar in Tokyo, the only option to watch pre-games within a 50-mile radius of the stadium. But this band of brothers and sisters did.

It is time to plan our next conquest. We will return to the happy hunting grounds where the Springboks prevailed in 2007. We shall return to France! We shall storm the beaches, breach the bars, and plunder numerous delicious French cafés. We will make sure that the same disastrous mistake from 2007 is not repeated and will not be fooled into drinking non-alcoholic beers in the stadiums again!

This planning dossier provides the key planning insights and reflections for the Baldy Boks tour to France in 2023. Those reading this document should apply appropriate diligence in their preparations to ensure the highest degree of passion and support for the Springboks. We will baldly go where no man has gone before!

Bokke! Bokke! Bokke!"

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"As the membership and popularity of the Baldy Boks has grown overthe years, many questions have been asked. This section aims to address any and all such questions.

  • Do I need to be bald to be a Baldy Bok member?
    No, but some of us are.
  • Then why are you called the Baldy Boks?
    It’s a fun age reference and Old Fart Boks isn’t catchy.
  • Do I need to be a Springbok fan to be a Baldy Bok member?
    No, but that would be a bit odd.
  • How do I become a member of the Baldy Boks?
    Option 1: Complete a formal application via our website at Baldyboks.com/application. If the website is not fully functional at the time of attempting your application (e.g. if it hasn't been launched yet) then see option 2 or 3.
    Option 2.
    Speak to an existing Bald Boks member and let them know of your interest.
    Option 3:
    Just consider yourself a member by virtue of your interest.
  • What is the primary mission of the Baldy Boks?
    Avoiding trouble while providing maximum vociferous support for the Springboks and Blitzboks, especially at World Cups.


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