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Mia Page

Introducing my daughter, Mia Page.

A drama QUEEN! She is currently studying Film, Theatre and Media in Wellington at Victoria University. Mia Page has been selected to represent NZ at the Globe Theatre in London as part of the Young Shakespeare Company, YSC (Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand SGCNZ). 

Mia has returned from London

Having experienced the hottest summer on record, Mia thrived in the drama environment preparing and performing her role as Goneril* in King Lear at the Globe in London on the 22 July. She packed her trip full of visits to the theatre, explored London and absorbed and loved every experience.

Mia Page loves the stage

Mia has always loved the stage - from her first performance at 6 with Anne Samson's Ballet Company, to the Wearable Arts festivals in Rotorua and Tokoroa, to walking the catwalk. All roads have led her to pursue drama and the performing arts and she relishes this chance of a lifetime.

Give a little page

This amazing go-getter had a Give a Little page set up to assist with the funding to get her over to London in July 2022, performing at the Globe on the 22nd July.

We are all so grateful for all of the support Mia received from near and far.

Thank you

A big thank you to all who donated.

We are so blown away by every donation, big and small! It's been amazing to see the community support Mia Page on her quest.

Well done, Mia!


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