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When approached by Doug with regard to designing packaging for a premium product, I had to convince him to begin by giving his product an identity, starting with a logo. We had many discussions around the bottle, its labelling, and packaging and researched, extensively, various suppliers or options for print and construction of its packaging. 

Attention to detail was essential for this project, keeping in mind the application of the logo on bottle labels as well as foiled on the packaging and online use. It was important to keep branding on point throughout all the various touchpoints for the product, so I was grateful to be involved with the label creators, the packaging creators, and the client with all aspects of the product and its launch. 

Having created the logo and decided on the overall branding, allowed the design of the packaging to be signed off with minimal fuss - including using premium effects like debossing and foiling, to elevate this product to premium status, reflecting the fine quality of the product itself.

Doug worked with a copywriter to ensure the words describing the product (Mānuka Honey Liqueur) were polished and effective, to get the message across to anyone reading about it how special the product actually is:  "Nature's Finest Gift".

It took a fair while to get everything right in terms of packaging and presentation, but we worked on finding solutions for every curve ball that came our way. 

Finally, I convinced Doug to allow me to take care of the website with the same care as I did with all the previous aspects of the product and its packaging.

This is a product that is made over a long period of time in a harsh, isolated environment and the ideal client would be buying this as a premium, unique gift for someone living outside of New Zealand, perhaps. Doug has promoted this with embassies in New Zealand and to companies wanting to send a really special gift to someone to show their appreciation. 

The website allows potential clients to see the environment the product comes from - wide open, mountainous, and sparse environments - a sheer wonder to anyone living in a highly populated city or country. It was important to show the company story (Hiranga) as well as to promote this product: Hiranga Mānuka Honey Liqueur. There will be other products produced by Hiranga that can easily be added to the website once they're ready to be sold. 

Thank you Doug for this mammoth opportunity to design, illustrate and create a cohesive and classy brand for you.

Thanks to Graeme at Smith Brothers, Margriet at PINC, Tracey Scott at Rotorua Photographer, Nadene at Design Bind, and the team at Rocketspark.


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