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Do we need to meet up?


It is helpful to meet up and gauge whether you're a good fit for each other, but it's not always completely necessary.

Having worked through the Covid years of Zoom meetings, helped show me that being able to talk is enough. A phone call is fine too, but then you may miss out on my lavish hand gesticulation while I try and find the words to describe my excitement over the potential of your job. 

The beginning of any job is very exciting - I can get carried away thinking about all the potential adventures we could have with your brand… I can do that from a good brief, or, if you're not quite sure of what it is you want, after having a chat: I can usually find a direction to pursue with you and your brand in mind.

So yes, it gets me out and about - I like to support the local coffee houses, but it's not an absolute necessity. I'm happy with whatever you're up for, whether it's just a chat, an email, or an actual face-to-face meeting in person.

Contact me :)


Linda Page, Designer at Page Design, Rotorua, NZ


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