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Branding for AllRecruits


It's all about Recruiting - both for the individual candidates searching for a job and the corporates looking to fill a position. It's new to New Zealand and the team at AllRecruits wants to show their clients they go above and beyond to make the right combinations happen. 

To begin the process we discussed company values, preferences, competitors, potential colour schemes and any special requirements needed for the business.

The logo design process was an exciting phase to settle on a primary logo, single-colour version and icon-only with options for reversing the logo out of black. Interestingly, when the website was developed, the branding style became evident - the initial pitch was with a lot of white space, but the client firmly wanted a darker scheme. This pulled us towards the image of the earth with a dark, space background, and it was a magical moment seeing the logo take on the extra meaning of going beyond the norm to achieve results - always pushing forward and always uplifting. 

From the smallest detail (like the favicon on the website) to how we write the name (one word with capital 'R' for Recruits) everything has been considered to create this AllRecruits brand. Making sure the CRM system used would be compatible (easy!) and being able to introduce new information to clients or candidates - blogs - it's been a pleasure to create this with the team at AllRecruits. 

Right at the start of the process, the 'Value words' for AllRecruits were identified as Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Optimism, and Persistence. It is wonderful to see the company reflect all these values within the recruitment community.


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