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Branding - what are you without it?

Did you notice? 

I was heading into town with my family to collect something, when I noticed something different in the environment. For some reason I was noticing a building facade in the distance. "Was that wall always yellow?" I asked my husband. He didn't know what I was referring to, but to be fair, he was the actual driver. "Huh?" was (the usual) response from my 17 year old son. 

Suddenly I understood. It had been painted in preparation for a new company that was to inhabit the building - and I KNEW EXACTLY which company it was because of their branding. Their logo is not yellow, but it appears on a yellow background. It's a very sunny (not lemony) yellow, and somewhere in my brain, I made the connection. Well done that company! Your branding is working for you, even without any signage or advertising about 'Coming Soon'. You have entered into my subconscious and I KNOW YOU. Even though I've never (yet) purchased a single thing from you.

I realise, of course, that I am tuned in to branding and design, so the 'aha' moment may not happen for everyone to that extent, but somewhere deep down, it has to have had an effect on you too, you're just not as obsessed with branding and where to find it as I am.

This is the perfect example of why a logo does not equal branding. Just having a logo is not enough - it's a start, but it's not enough. Creating a brand means finding its inner voice (which fonts to use), declaring its colour palette, and figuring out any visual elements to enhance its meaning. 

If you think you need a branding upgrade or if your company's voice isn't quite ringing true, then let's fix that. 

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