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What's a vector file?

Why do I need vector files?

Things that are created using software that is vector based use mathematical formulas on a grid system... perfect for things like logos. Logos always need to represent perfectly no matter where they are placed and vectors allow a crisp edge at all times. 

Looking at my vector circle

It has toggles to edit the curve

Looking at my vector circle - It has toggles to edit the curve

What about photoshop files?

Photoshop and other photo editing software uses a platform made up of tiny squares of colour information: pixels. These are raster files and are useful for photographic things, but not for anything that needs a clean edge - like words or logos. 

Enlarge them!

If I zoom in on my vector files, they never lose their shape. There is always a crisp edge. As big as the moon or as small as a stamp, no quality is ever lost. 

If I do the same on my raster files, I get to see the individual pixels that are made up of black or grey or white to make a curve.

Vector curve enlarged 7000%

Vector curve enlarged 7000%
Pixel curve enlarged 600%

Pixel curve enlarged 600%

Vector files for printing

Make sure you have your vector files saved. These are the ones needed to create the perfect end result if you're printing anything.


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