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Logo file types

Navigating design file types

I often get asked what file types I supply when designing a logo. Rather than get into technical speak I explain that I provide two types of files - vector(print) or raster (web use/internal documents). The vector files can be enlarged as big as the moon or as small as a stamp, without losing any quality - the curves remain smooth, the text crisp, the colour true and consistent... I stress that even if my client is unable to open these files, to please keep them safe as these are the 'blueprints' for their logo. These are the files that are 'gold' for any good printing company.  

The other files I supply are the more useful ones to my clients - they can use them in their Word docs or Powerpoint documents, (wherever!) and mostly these have a transparent background which makes them really useful  - who doesn't love a transparent .png file?! I do supply these at small, medium and large file size so that there are many options available and the logo can look good in any situation.

The problem?

The problem is that clients sometimes forget about the print files I send and end up trying to get things professionally made using their 'web' files.  :(  This just makes an extra step for that printing company who potentially have to redraw the logo to how they assume it should look. This can negate the nuances of the design that took hours (and years of experience!) to get just right for sign-off.

If the web files are used without redrawing them to a vector format, they may end up looking pixelated and jagged. That is because they are - literally - made up of pixels (little square of colour information).

So either way, if the wrong files are supplied, it'll most likely end up a subpar end result. 

Keep your vector files safe! 

It doesn't matter if you can't open them, it's unlikely you have the software. Keep them safe in order to send to print specific companies or other design companies. They are the blueprint for your logo.



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