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Tennis memories - book for sale

Congratulations to Allen and Gloria Robinson on the recent edition of their softcover book - "Memories of Tennis and Families at Mount Maunganui over 100 years". They have spent years collecting newspaper articles and photographs, and have written about the families and their tennis community, all of whom have had an influence over their lives at Mount Maunganui. This has been a labour of love for all - many, many hours poured into all things 'tennis' over the years at Mount Maunganui, so it was...

January 29, 2021

Switching over to RocketSpark

I have a confession. I love designing but for a long time I've not loved web designing. Just finding out the hosting details and trying to decipher information about servers and FTP logins had me terrified. Just when I thought I had something sorted out, the software I was accustomed to either upgraded beyond my comprehension or declared itself obsolete. I opted to outsource all web projects to other designers more comfortable with the technical side of things and have had brilliant he...

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